Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Coney Island Candy Store - Edmonton, Alberta

When I think of candy stores, I imagine rows upon rows of sparkling jars filled with jellybeans, chocolates and gumdrops, display cases chock full of nostalgic treats and hilarious novelties, twinkling lights and a general sense of amusement and childish fun.  Local candy stores have fallen short of my expectations, until now.  Tucked neatly between aged Whyte Avenue buildings, Coney Island Candy makes an impressive and formidable addition to Edmonton's confectionary scene.  

Complete with a unique and mystical Zoltar fortune teller, the pride of owner's Sam Sheinin and Celina Craig, Coney Island Candy is a carnival themed hot spot for nostalgic sweets, old fashioned sodas and for the kid in everyone, an exceptional array of humorous novelty items!  


Coney Island is decorated top to bottom in a carnival inspired color palate; rich red paint colors the walls while gold crown molding frames the ceiling creating and old fashioned mid-way scene!  Gazing upward one cannot help but notice the wonderfully weird carnival posters decorating the walls including well known carnival freaks from Zoltar himself to the mysterious Fiji Mermaid.  Pay special attention to these characteristic carnival specialties as most of the artwork is hand done by Sam himself and helpful friends!

With over 200 bulk candy options, Coney Island is sure to have something for everyone's taste, and if they don't, they will try their best to track it down and order it for you!  For those of you looking for the lighter and less sugary side of sweets, Coney Island also has a delectable selection of sugar free candies and chocolates!

For those on the adventurous side... try and tackle The World's Largest Gummy Bear; at 5 Ibs, this teddy-bear sized gummy delight is equivalent to roughly 1400 regular sized gummy bears... talk about a sugar rush!  

Amidst the rows of colorful confections you will also find a bountiful variety of humorous child and adult friendly novelty items from pirate skull bobble heads to Men Crying fridge magnet sets to Cat Lady air fresheners!


With gourmet fudge expected to hit the shelves any day now, Coney Island Candy is a one stop shop for all things candy!  Keep your eyes out for flavors like Belgian Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch.  Look forward to a plethora of retro items slated to make their way onto the Coney Island shelves soon including retro candy's from the 50's right through to the 90's, new shipments of the World's Largest Gummy Bears and a selection of Christmas themed novelties and confections perfect for stockings and under the tree.

On your way out the door with your arms full of candy, make sure and let Zoltar read your fortune.  If you're lucky, his mystical crystal ball will reveal wise insight into your past, present and future!  Be sure to collect your personalized fortune from the dispenser as well, and heed the words of the wise Zoltar well!

In terms of candy stores in the Edmonton area, Coney Island Candy delivers on so many levels.  While providing and interesting and unique carnival themed atmosphere, Coney Island also provides the sweets and novelties that we all crave and many of the candies and sweets we grew up with! 

Whether you drop by for a bag full of jelly beans or a hand full of novelty goods, Coney Island Candy is sure to bring a smile to your face and satisfaction to your sugar cravings!

Thank you to Celina Craig, owner, for spending some time sharing the inside scoop behind Coney Island Candy!

Coney Island Candy
10345 82 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
T6E 1Z9

Contact Number: (780) 439-9003

Owned and Operated by Celina Craig and Sam Sheinin

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