Monday, November 30, 2009

Time is Not on My Side.


I'm attempting to partake in a Flickr group project entitled Food: A-Z, created by Ashley from Not Without Salt, wherein all the participants contribute a set of photos weekly based on food of course.  We are systematically following the letters of the alphabet, this week is brought to you by the letter E, and the photo content must be an ingredient, a prepared dish or a food product that begins with the weeks letter. On top of this, I started participating in National Blog Writing Month, which happens to be November, entailing a well written and meaningful blog entry daily. I always said I like having my hands full...


Sadly, as excited and motivated as I am for these projects, the stresses, expectations and work load of school, my part time greenhouse job and the regular tasks at home have been making participation a little difficult for me, and I can't always make the weekly or daily deadline.  Needless to say, within the first week of National Blog Writing Month, I had to limit my blog entries to keep my school work completed, and in terms of our visual food alphabet, I have missed the letters A, C, and now, D.  That being said, school wraps up in three days, christmas shopping will hopefully be done soon and the new year and an easier schedule will soon be on my doorstep. (At least I am hoping for this.)  Basically, within the next couple of days, the food alphabet photos and the blog entries, the recipes and the gastronomical experiments will commence, and we can all be happy again!  

For now, here are the first group of B photos, courtesy of these lovely little Brussels Sprouts!  I can't wait to continue this project, let my imagination go wild and my passion for beautiful food and fresh ingredients grow! 
Fino alla volta prossima!  Until the next time my friends!