Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Musings

I woke up today slightly less than refreshed, suffering from too little sleep and feeling cranky at the impending paper editing I would be trying to finish before running off to school in vein hope of finding one of the precious remaining parking spots in HUB parking lot and paying through the nose to get it... Needless to say, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Backing down the driveway I had a vague notion to put the car in Drive, re-park in the garage, climb back into bed (hopefully this time on the right side) and shut the world out. This feeling passed quickly of course since the fate of my school career rests on my assignments of late, and I pressed on towards the university.

The first event in turning the morning around was odd, slightly mundane, but hopeful none-the-less... there was no traffic. The road was empty, the lights were green, and slipping into the lane I needed was as easy as Turn Signal, Shoulder Check, Drive. Perhaps the day would not be so much of a loss after all. Reveling in the scintillating glory of a traffic-less commute to the South Side, I almost missed what was going on, and more importantly, what had gone on in the world around me...

sun glint hits crisp frost
hay bales exhale in wisp clouds
golden grass below

Overnight, as if a wand had washed over the world, our brown and dull fall had turned into the Autumn I long for every year as the temperature drops and the geese make their way South to wait out the inevitable cold. Leaves, blades of grass, mosses that had only last night been pale and dull green had miraculously blushed into golden droplets and flaxen rivulets. The hay bales sitting like bulky sentinels in vacant fields exhaled their warm insides into the crisp air and left ladders of condensation skywards.

The nearer I came to the river valley, the more I noticed an amusing fog clinging to the roads, the bridges and the leaf freckled ground, like hot chocolate on the back of a spoon...

Suddenly the sun was behind the blanket of humid smoke and the world became suspended in a muted glow. Overnight, during my restless, short sleep, the world had been reshaped and re-colored as if Midas had touched everything in sight turing the sky, the ground and the canopy into a golden haze.

It was then, at that moment, while traversing the winding river road, watching the distorted shapes of people on the sidewalk emerge from the veil of fog, that I was new again...

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