Saturday, July 04, 2009

GREEN with envy!

With a new puppy at home 're-modeling' our garden, abandoned and traumatized tomato plants being rescued from work, and a summer that is dwindling faster than I can enjoy, I figured it was hight time to get back out into the yard for some fun in the sun with my hands in the dirt... I even went barefoot... there is nothing like the feel of green grass between your toes!

I have to show you my little garden.  My husband and I recently moved into our first home together and not only did we acquire a new home to personalize, we acquired a less than finished yard, albeit a big yard, in need of some TLC.  With what little summer we have left disappearing at warp speed, we're not quite ready to sacrifice our days off to make the leap head first into landscaping... so we settled for a patio garden fit for a culinary king instead!  

Spicy Globe Basil... this type of basil is a slight departure from my usual pick of Sweet Basil, or even a cinnamon spiced Thai Basil, but this little beauty has a great growing shape, a mouth watering aroma and the occasional spike of white flowers that tends to spring up when I neglect to do a little maintenance... 

This little gem is without a doubt the all-star of my kitchen, and the patio!  My little Rosemary plant has the smallest pot yet the biggest flavor!  

I cannot wait for these little green jewels to ripen in the summer heat... Don't be fooled by their bite-sized girth, Tumbler tomatoes are a versatile and delicious addition to any menu and they pack a big flavor that overshadows their tiny appearance!  Sliced fresh into a garden salad, roasted with garlic and tossed with pasta or even smashed and baked with chicken and herbs, these little beauties are an easy way to add color and zest to any table... bring on the sun!

Green, green and more GREEN!
Did I mention that I am in LOVE with green?

Oh.. I even have a little Butter lettuce growing vibrant in a hanging basket that sways smoothly from the bough of the Mayday tree... there is food to forage a plenty in our backyard, even if it happens to hang out in some unconventional places!

Adversely, there are several non-edible plants scattered around our property that, until the last day or two, have been unidentified... Now that there are pearly white and sweetly fragranced blossoms speckling the green branches, I am most certain that they are Mock-orange shrubs and we are fortunate to have them!

Perennial Viola's make a charming and perpetual addition to any garden and they can even be used in planters for the summer season! Just make sure they are tucked into the garden before the fall so they can make it through the long winter!

I suppose that is all for now... tune in next time for an update on the tomatoes making their debut late this summer, Zebra Striped Heirloom tomatoes, Lemon Boy tomatoes and Sweet Million cherry tomatoes, among others... 'Hosta' la Vista!

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