Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's on Tap?

Little Buffy... not sure what we've gotten ourselves into yet...

Oh my, between new house demands, the demands of a new puppy and a demanding new job, I have been so busy I have neglected what little reading base I have, and I thank all (five?)of you for your patience, I will however be providing a remedy for the recent posting drought in the form of numerous posts about recent food exploration, food disasters and the perks of a puppy around the house... so, if you can hold on, I will be posting an easy Lazy Daisy Cake recipe, Zesty Goat Cheese-stuffed profiteroles, a classic meatball recipe with a familiar flair and much more.  So keep your cooking pants on and your reading glasses next to the computer because I will be filling your plate with food soon!

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